My Official Bio

Dominica Collis is an integrative nutritionist and master herbalist. She’s been running her own nutrition practice for 5 years.

With a varied publication background, Dominica has featured on Female First, We Are The City, First Women, Virgin, Forbes and more.

She regularly contributes thought-provoking and in-depth articles to the media world with her skills and knowledge, Dominica empowers her clients to change their lifestyles with ease, helping them to transition to a life they simply adore!

Dominica offers one on one coaching along with many other exclusive services, and countless clients are simply drawn to her easy-going nature and helpful advice Regularly featured at speaking events across the country Dominica is also a pro at live cookery demonstrations and engaging the audience into her world.

In her work, she is particularly interested in gut health and hormone regulation.

Welcome to VegeRasta – Home of the Greenlicious Revolution.

I’m Dominica Alicia Collis. I am a Naturopathic Nutritionist, Master Herbalist, and Medicinal Chef, and I would love to help you design a lifestyle you love whilst feeling your best every single day.

With an extremely busy lifestyle based in management, I was constantly trying to juggle the long hours, client meetings and my social life. I often felt that my body and soul could use a little TLC, however, I could never seem to find the space in my hectic schedule to give myself the care I so desperately required. Sound familiar?

In 2007 I moved to London and I began to manage one of the biggest chain restaurants in the capital. Shortly afterwards I started a successful marketing agency

On paper, I had a perfect life. But in reality… nothing was perfect.

Everyday I woke up feeling tired, exhausted and unwell. After both gaining a significant amount of weight in a short time I knew something major had to change. I began to experiment with different diets: Madal Bal, Dukan diet, you name it, I tried it!!

I became stuck in the cycle of deprivation and reward always finding an excuse to cheat and then berating ourselves afterwards, I just didn’t know how to create a loving environment for my body.

Mind you, if you ask me whether I was happy with my life during this period… I would have to say yes. I met some amazing people; it was my journey, my big discovery of myself and a great learning experience. These events created me as a person; they are part of my being.

One amazing person that helped my catalyst for change to begin was Sanjib Mukherjee from My Wisdom Club. It was late autumn 2011 when I received an invitation from him to join his small group of friends for a meditation session. I’d been interested in meditation, yoga and the spiritual aspects of life for a long time, so I decided to join them.

That hour or two literally changed my life.

I couldn’t believe how relaxed my body felt and how free my mind was. I began to meditate daily and things started to evolve. I was calmer, more focused and productive. I felt happier than I’d ever done before.

Seeing the change within me, I knew my search for holistic healing had begun. I chose to get rid of my destructive eating habits and focus on a path of health and enlightenment.

In February 2012 I switched to a plant-based diet and a massive benefit was that I started to lose weight very quickly. I still ate cheese on occasion but I was slowly edging closer to veganism. Hoping, at last, this was my miracle cure. Things didn’t last though, the end of 2012 was the finale of an incredibly difficult and stressful year and it resulted in major health issues. Early in 2013, I woke up one morning like this… It covered my face, eyelids, neck… Nothing seemed to help.

I fought with eczema for over 9 months. I tried natural products and homemade remedies, anything and everything hoping to find a miraculous cure. Finally, after admitting defeat, I decided to go to and visit my doctor. He prescribed a steroid cream, which made things worse. I simply didn’t know what to do anymore, my business was all about people, meetings and being social and I wanted to hide away. My confidence was in tatters and my self-esteem at an all time low.

I knew an even bigger change was required, and as I delved more into the holistic lifestyle I became aware of some interesting movies such as “A Man Who Made Us Fat”, “Hungry for Change”, “Forks over Knives” and “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. (If you have not seen them I would highly encourage you to check them out.)

Watching these documentaries opened my mind further and I decided to take the next step with my diet and became full vegan.

If you were to ask me how easy this transition was, I can tell you probably, what most vegans tell you…. the only thing I missed was cheese. However, no cheese was a small price to pay for the results I was now seeing! Switching to a fully plant-based way of living not only massively improved my skin conditions it also gave me much more energy. Filling my plate with chlorophyll packed, nutritious, living food made me thrive!

A few weeks later, I received an email from someone recommending Jason Vale’s juice program. With nothing to lose, I decided to try his 28-days plan. The results were outstanding, my eczema disappeared, my skin started glowing and my energy levels were through the roof. I had never felt more alive!

Although initially, my vegan/plant-based journey had started mainly because of the health issues, I knew after I had enhanced my life with meditation that I now had a far deeper connection to what was on my plate. I’d been an animal lover since I was a child, however I was blind to the suffering that many animals go through just so we can consume them. The biggest eye-openers on the subject for me were Gary Yourofsky’s “The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear” and the movie “Earthlings”.

Fast forward to today and I can tell you, all my allergies and skin problems are gone, I’m no longer overweight and I feel happy, healthy, vibrant and alive.

I created VegeRasta with a vision to help others heal themselves, learn to love more freely, become more connected to their inner self, and integrate more plant-based foods into their lives.

I hope that you will join me on this amazing journey!