I proudly support these wonderful organizations

Check them out and donate or volunteer if you can.

Three Shires Ferret Rescue

I have loved ferrets since I had my first many years ago. If not properly trained and cared for they can easily be misunderstood, and begin to nip and then their owners no longer want to keep their pet. Thankfully Chrissy at 3 Shires Rescue is an amazing lady who takes in these animals and also abandoned ferrets providing them with love and care, whilst ensuring they are rehomed with a family that will adore them.


Hillside Animal Sanctuary

Opened in 1995 by Wendy Valentine Hillside Animal Sanctuary is an amazing place! The sanctuary helps unwanted and abused animals mostly from the farming industry. Hillside is one of the UK's most successful campaigning organisations and is also home to over 700 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules.