When Barto was 10-12 years old he began to stumble and fall often. He thought it was just natural clumsiness but everyone around him began to wonder if it was something more serious. After various enquiries a diagnosis was finally given and it appeared that Barto was suffering from Strümpell-Lorrain disease. He was told that, although there was no cure, rehabilitation and therapies may help. Barto was determined not to give up

His path has not always been easy. There were moments of hardship, but with support and understanding, Barto was filled with determination that made him stronger.
As he grew older Barto became fed up of his lifestyle, no longer did he want to succumb to the parties, junk food and alcohol any more. He lost some friends along the way but he gained a greater knowledge and understanding of himself

Barto met his partner Ulka one of my other clients and, she then introduce him to me.
I showed Barto that veganism is not just about food and health. There is a whole culture, acquainted within the lifestyle. Veganism is a colorful journey through flavors, compositions, possibilities and connections. It is a Philosophy full of love and understanding.
After following the vegan plant based lifestyle for a while Barto began to discover just how amazing you can feel when you eat nutritiously tasty foods. He felt lighter, had more energy and far more mental clarity. Healthy natural food creates miracles, and he now feels like a new man!

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