At 56 years old Krystyna was only a late convert to the plant based lifestyle. She transitioned full in 2012 and has not looked back since. At the time Krystyna knew she needed to make some changes to her lifestyle, but the biggest obstacle standing in her way was cooking! As an avid meat eater, she had gotten used to preparing and cooking meat based dishes, and was unsure how to create tasty, simple and amazing plant based recipes. As somebody who by their own admission did not enjoy cooking and claimed to be uncreative in the kitchen I knew I had a challenge on my hands!

However after following my advice which included cooking and preparation tips, meal plan creation, and easy to follow recipes Krystyna soon realised just amazing food can be! She is now super confident in the kitchen and has made some fantastic progress.

Krystyna also now visits the gym frequently, and, since following a plant based life has developed a keen interest in holistic living and natural medicine. She feels young and energised, and says my advice has changed her life for the better.

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