My husband Marcin has always been very active, he loved climbing and being outdoors. When we moved to London Marcin became tired quickly which was due to a combination of a busy London lifestyle and night shift work. He stopped being active and looking after himself, constantly reaching for processed foods and whatever was the easiest option to get rid of his hunger without spending too much time in the kitchen. Later Marcin left the night shifts and began to help me run my marketing business, we thought this might be the answer, but it wasn’t. Now more than ever we were just so busy and could not find time any time to take care of ourselves.

In 2012, we decided as a couple to switch to a plant based lifestyle, Marcin began to lose weight very quickly, but he was still addicted to the sweet things, especially chocolate cakes and bars!
Suddenly, his body said no. Initially we thought he was suffering from a gluten allergy, but it turned out to be eczema. After combatting my own eczema condition a year or so earlier, I started him on a juicing program and the eczema slowly started disappearing. It wasn’t as quick as my healing which proves we are all different.

After 28- days of juicing Marcin ate a piece of vegan gluten free cake and the rash appeared again… red and itchy. It was then I made the connection with refined sugar! I began to prepare some alkalising low sugar green juices and smoothies with berries or apples for Marcin to drink. I switched our sweeteners at home to coconut sugar or maple syrup instead and the results were phenomenal. After a few months his rash had disappeared and the skin healed completely.

Now if he buys and consumes something, that contains refined sugar, he gets itchy all over his face and neck. No other symptoms, just itchiness. So he tends to steer clear of these food choices.
Marcin describes this journey as life-changing. He was a man that loved eating junk food so much so that McDonald’s was considered a staple food choice! Now Marcin could never imagine going back to eating meat and dairy, especially after finding out the truth about appalling conditions on farms and how animals are treated.

His illness has been a learning experience but with research, natural treatments and healing his body with plant based foods. He now feels healthy, full of energy and younger and stronger than he did in his 20’s.

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