What an amazing woman! Sabina has struggled with her self confidence for many years and is finally starting to see a change in the way she thinks and feels about herself due to our coaching time together. After applying my advice Sabina began to crowd out the processed products she was used to with delicious and wholesome plant based foods. She now cooks at home from scratch ,and is more conscious of food labels and the hidden dangers, that often lurk within our foods. Although not vegan, Sabina now eats considerably less meat and dairy than she used to and has replaced them with lots of amazing fruits and vegetables. After becoming ill a few years ago with a very severe sarcoidosis – Sabina was in hospital for a few months and received huge doses of steroid drugs as part of her treatment. Of course, one of the many side effects of steroids is weight gain. Sabina ended up at 124kg (19.5 st) after her treatment but once it ended she started implementing my tips and the weight slowly started to disappear. She now currently weighs 98kg (15.4 st) which is an amazing loss of over 4 stone!

Sabina has gained her confidence back and feels much healthier, as well as everyday tasks being simpler to achieve. Her outlook on life is now much more positive!

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