Ulka’s adventure has been a rollercoaster ride for sure! She first got to know me in 2003(?) and we became great friends. In 2007 Ulka became pregnant and during her pregnancy she gained a total of 30 kg in weight. Like many women after giving birth, Ulka found it hard to lose her baby weight. She tried many different diets including: Dukan, Copenhagen and Atkins, but none seemed to be what she was looking for. They worked for a short while but then the old habits soon fell back into place. One day we were chatting together and I mentioned that myself and my partner were now following a vegan diet and had lost a lot of weight.

Ulka was immediately interested and asked me for lots more advice! In the beginning she excluded milk, meat, eggs, butter from her diet and watched the weight finally begin to disappear, the last item she chose to exclude was cheese.

Within 18 months Ulka had lost an impressive 23kg and her energy levels had increased massively! With the support of her partner and my knowledge and advice Ulka is now in a far better place. She currently weighs 62 kg and is far happier. She no longer suffers with brain fog, is rarely sick and has much more energy!

When people ask Ulka what has helped her lose the weight she proudly tells the it was switching to a vegan plant based lifestyle that finally worked for her!

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