Wojciech is an incredible man! He is 60 years old and has energy levels that most young people can only wish for! After coming from a very heavy meat and carb based diet where fruit and vegetables were a foreign language to him, Wojciech is now vegan. He made the transition in 2012 and has not looked back since! When his blood pressure and cholesterol levels were tested in the past Wojciech readings were very high, for example- his cholesterol was 6.3 mmo/l. After only 3 months of becoming vegan and and eating a whole food plant based diet his cholesterol reading was taken again and it had dropped to 3.8 mmo/L. This is a remarkable change!

Wojciech has not been ill for such a long time and regularly visits the gym 3-4 times a week without fail. His cholesterol is now steady at 3.6 mmo/L and he feels healthier happier and stronger- he truly believes that becoming vegan and following the plant based lifestyle has significantly contributed to saving his life.

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