Here’s how we can work together!

It is both my passion, and my mission in life to show YOU how a healthy lifestyle can be easy, fun, sustainable and decadent! Quit dieting for good and learn how to truly nourish your body, soul and mind, reclaim your life and become the most vibrant and powerful self!

How To Thrive On A Plant Based Diet – Online Course

Are you worried about getting all the nutrients on the vegan diet?

  • Vitamin B12 or D deficiency?
  • The right balance of Omega 3 and 6?
  • Can we really get all these proteins from plants?
  • And what about that Calcium and Iron?
  • Oh and what about Iodine, Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium… the list is long and gives you a headache!

You like the idea of plant-based living, but you are worried about getting all the nutrients your body needs. There are so many misleading articles online, YouTube videos, so who should you really trust and follow?

This online course will focus on a scientific-based approach with the elements of mindfulness and lifestyle medicine to help you gain control in every aspect of your life and be happy and healthy.


  • Introduction to a plant-based diet
  • Macro- and micronutrients
  • Supplementation on a vegan diet
  • How to plan and create balanced meals
  • Plant-based diet at different stages of life

Lifetime access to online videos, infographics, pdf materials.

COST: £127


Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation & Assessment

I can help you achieve a healthier and balanced lifestyle and your optimum health goals by using a bio-individual approach and merging the best of a nutritional and integrative approach.

This Comprehensive Nutritional Consultation consists of detailed health and diet assessment and followed by a personalised diet and lifestyle recommendations often with herbal and supplement support.

My integrative nutrition coaching packages incorporate all of the following fantastic benefits which can be tailored completely to your individual needs:

  • Comprehensive 1-hour health and diet assessment and consultation
  • Detailed personalised plan with recommended natural food therapies and lifestyle adjustments to make lasting health changes
  • Herbal medicine and supplements support, if necessary (paid additionally; usually between £35 – £60 a month)

Together, we will explore the relationship between you and your body, and discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance.



Cooking Classes

Healthy food doesn’t need to be boring or bland! I can show you amazing, easy, and – most importantly, healthy ways to recreate your favourite dishes. During the classes we will cover:

Mastering the art of batch cooking so you can save time, and most importantly money!
How to create an amazing healthy plant based lunch which will keep you energised for the whole day!

Cooking for a family, and adapting your recipes easily to ensure everyone (including the fussy eaters 😉 ) will love it!
Only the two of you? No worries! I can help you create gorgeous recipes you will both adore that are super quick and easy to prepare!
How to adapt international cuisine to make it more healthy and plant based!
Creating superb desserts that are healthy and also taste sublime.

Soon you will discover just how amazing food can be and that your old patterns and guilt associated around food need no longer exist!

2h online workshop via Zoom: £35 per person


Grocery Store Tours

Let me teach you how to navigate your local grocery store or whole foods market so you save time and money whilst shopping! During our trip I will show you just how simple it can be to switch some of your basics so your choices automatically become healthier by default.

I will show you how to read food labels and ensure you are no longer swayed by the marketing advertisements on the front of many foods. You will leave the tour with a real understanding of whole foods and how easy it can be to switch to a plant based lifestyle!


Corporate Wellness Training

Before I began Vegerasta I came from a background of high pressured marketing and management. I know exactly how draining it can be to the workforce when not everyone is in peak condition. It has been shown that more than 75% of all healthcare costs to employers are due to preventable chronic illness. With stress levels on the rise companies are searching for ways to reduce employee absenteeism, improve productivity and morale, reduce workplace injuries, and improve employee engagement. I can tailor packages to help you inject some wellness and vitality back into your workplace.

These packages can be as simple as a 1-2hr presentations or workshops that last 2-3 days!

We can explore areas such as:

  • How to make healthier food choices.
  • How to avoid that 3pm crash.
  • How to be more productive at work
  • How to reduce down time when you do get sick.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss anything further.


VIP Days

Are you ready to regain your sparkle, detox your life, and finally start living?

This special day is just PERFECT for you!

Sample Schedule

We will start by getting to know each other at a location of your choice. I want to dive into all areas of your life, learn about the foods you’re eating, your immediate environment, the challenges you are facing and most importantly gain an understanding of your personal health goals.

Together we will develop a customised action plan with realistic achievable goals, so you will have all the tools necessary to move forwards in your new life with complete confidence.

The next step in our journey is to makeover your kitchen cupboards! I will help you to identify food culprits hiding in your pantry that are negatively impacting your health and weight-loss journey, and you will gain a great insight into how simple and easy it is to live a full plant based lifestyle you adore!

We will then enjoy a delicious superfood lunch together -whilst enjoying getting to know each other even more!

The last part of the day will be an amazing cooking class- I will teach you about some important foods that are missing from the average western diet, and then together we will prepare some super simple and delicious plant based meals as well as some gorgeous desserts that will help cure any cravings for junk!

Also included in your day is an amazing wellness gift bag loaded with goodies, which has everything you need to get started on this fabulous new journey!

Worried you might need some more support? Don’t fear! Your VIP day also includes 60-min accountability session scheduled within 30 days of our time together. This is your chance to ask me any more questions you may have, and for us to celebrate the new sexy and completely confident YOU!!


Speaking Engagements

Do you need an energetic, engaging and passionate speaker for your events? With a focus on health, natural healing and the amazing benefits of a whole food plant based lifestyle, I can provide expertise on subjects such as:

  • Vegan energy boosters: How to improve your energy without destroying your health
  • How a plant based lifestyle = Gorgeous glowing skin!
  • The Simple Steps to follow for achieving your ideal weight.
  • How food can affect your mind: a gut-brain solution.
  • Digestive Health – Healing Your Body and leaky gut syndrome.
  • The Secrets to Women’s Wellness
  • Culinary Herbs as your go-to-medicines
  • Reading and Understanding Food Labels
  • How to Reduce your Stress Naturally.

For all speaking enquiries please contact me via the contact me page.